Climate and Life at the Lamont Open House - Center for Climate and Life

Climate and Life at the Lamont Open House - Center for Climate and Life


Join us on Saturday, October 8 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Open House. You’ll have the opportunity to meet our scientists, learn about their research through lectures and hands-on activities, and tour our labs and the scenic Lamont campus. The event features activities for science enthusiasts of all ages; check out the online program and event map to learn more and plan your visit.

Scientists who are part of the Climate and Life initiative can be found at many Open House activities; here are two we’re especially excited about.

Center for Climate and Life Intern Presentations
Gary C. Comer Building—All day

The Center for Climate and Life offers summer internship opportunities for high school students interested in gaining hands-on Earth science research experience. In 2016, the Center hosted 12 students from schools in New York and New Jersey. Throughout the day, the 2016 program participants will share their projects and results.

Learn more about our summer interns and their research.

The Impact of Human-caused Warming on Drought and Fire in the Western United States
Lecture by Lamont scientist and Center for Climate and Life Fellow Park Williams
Monell Building Auditorium—3 p.m.

Park Williams, a bioclimatologist and Center for Climate and Life Fellow, explores the influence of climate change on droughts and wildfires. The processes that govern drought’s effects are complex and difficult to simulate with computer models that could provide a forecast. With support from the Center for Climate and Life, Williams is using observational datasets to diagnose the main drivers of changes in soil moisture, snowpack, stream flow and wildfire, and the influence that human-induced climate change has had on each. He also uses tree-ring records to compare recent Western U.S. droughts to the megadroughts from the 800s to 1500s that are suspected of uprooting civilizations.

Can’t make it to Open House? Live-stream the talk.