High School Intern Program

The Center for Climate and Life at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University offers a summer internship opportunities for high school students interested in gaining hands-on Earth science research experience.

Lab WorkLocated in Palisades, New York, just 30 minutes north of Manhattan, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory sits on a 160-acre campus above the Hudson River. With over 500 staff, Lamont scientists conduct fundamental Earth science research from the inner core to the outer reaches of the atmosphere on subjects that include climate change, oceanography, geochemistry, ocean and life sciences, marine genomics, tree ring research, seismology, and geophysics.

Our high school interns work in small groups of two to four on research topics designed and led by Lamont scientists. Students gain hands-on experience in real research labs and will learn how to read research papers, perform measurements, collect and present data, and give presentations.

Meet our 2017 high school interns and 2016 interns, and learn more about their research.

Internship Details and Eligibility: There are no formal application prerequisites but some demonstrated interest or experience in Earth science research is preferred. Students are expected to work collaboratively in small groups, read scientific papers, participate in discussion groups, work independently and reliably, and demonstrate a high degree of maturity and responsibility.

The work can be intellectually demanding, and laboratory work can be tedious and must be conducted with great attention to detail. Interns must complete readings and share updates each week, and at the end of the summer, each team will produce a science poster and a draft of a research article on their project. There is no cost to participate in the program.

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