Education and Outreach - Center for Climate and Life

At the Center for Climate and Life, we are committed to engaging students and the public with science. Our goals are to provide young learners with authentic research experiences, promote greater climate literacy, and facilitate awareness of humanity’s relationship to the environment.


The Center for Climate and Life supports summer research internships for upper-level high school students (typically those in their junior year who are interested in science). Interns are selected competitively each year to conduct original research with a Ph.D. scientist-mentor on topics central to our mission. Through an authentic research experience, they will learn about the planet’s climate system, its life-sustaining land and ocean ecosystems, and their relevance to human sustainability in light of ongoing changes to all of them. The goal of this program is to inspire and train the next generation of scientists and to advance our outreach to and education of the broader society.


The need for the public to understand the ocean—and its relationship to global climate—has never been greater. As part of our partnership with WSL PURE, ocean scientist Brad Linsley established and teaches a course on ocean health for students in Columbia University’s Sustainability Science graduate program.