The Center for Climate and Life supports two major conferences each year, The Columbia Climate and Life Conference and The Columbia Roundtable for Global Climate, Business, and Finance.

The Columbia Climate and Life Conference Series

The Columbia Climate and Life Conference Series hosts leading international scientists to present new research on themes central to our mission of understanding how climate influences the security of food, water, shelter, and developing sustainable energy solutions. These conferences present current and advanced research to understand how climate is changing, or has changed, life-sustaining components of the Earth system. Conference themes are proposed to the Advisory Board, and successful proposals will be funded to support a one- to two-day conference.

The Columbia Roundtable for Global Climate, Business, and Finance

The Columbia Roundtable for Global Climate, Business, and Finance brings together leading climate scientists, engineers, social scientists, and international business and finance leaders to translate scientific knowledge into action. The objective of this invitation-only conference is to build communication and understanding between these communities and to present stakeholders with the most current state of knowledge in climate change science and solutions.

Climate is reshaping the global economic landscape. Future economic growth and prosperity rest on a shared understanding of this changing landscape. Climate science is making great strides in defining how, when, and why major components of the global climate and life systems are in flux. For stakeholders, this knowledge is actionable power.

Each Roundtable event matches stakeholders with scientists presenting the most current scientific observations and findings relevant to their interests. In turn, stakeholders are invited to present and discuss the climate-related risks and opportunities most central to their base. The Roundtable provides an extraordinary opportunity for stakeholder-to-stakeholder discussion of complex issues related to climate change in a relaxed, private, productive and information-driven environment.

Roundtable participants are drawn from all regions of the world and every major economic sector, including industry, manufacturing, transportation, non-renewable resources, renewable resources, energy, finance, insurance, health, and food and agriculture. Participants also include leading figures from international organizations, national and local governments, academia, and non-governmental organizations. Participation in the Roundtable is by invitation only.