2017 Summer Interns


2017 Climate and Life Summer Interns

Summer interns spend four weeks at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory working individually and in small groups on research projects designed and led by our scientists. By the end of their internship, students understand what a career in science involves. They also gain critical science skills, including how to read research papers, perform measurements, collect and present data, and report on their research.

This year’s students worked alongside some of Lamont’s leading researchers on projects that explored a range of climate topics, from the behavior of glaciers and ice sheets to an examination of what may have triggered a period of significantly warmer temperatures over ~20,000 years ago.

We were pleased to host the following students during the summer of 2017.

Project: Provenance of the Marlboro Clay, a unique formation deposited during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM).
Led by Merry Cai

Cassandra Bartels — Tappan Zee High School
Philip Raftopoulous — The Browning School
David Sandoz — Riverdale Country School

Project: Degassing of Magma Analogues
Led by Einat Lev

Matthieu Andre — Lycée Français de New York
Victor Stevens — Lycée Français de New York

Project: Cooling of a Bubbly Syrup as Analog for Lava Lake
Led by Einat Lev

Cassie Stevens — Ethical Culture Fieldston School

Project: Reconstructing Thermocline Changes in the Sulu Sea in the Western Equatorial Pacific and the Relationship to Deglacial Meltwater Events
Led by Brad Linsley

Martin Dias Pinto — Lycée Français de New York
Serena Zhang — Ethical Culture Fieldston School

Project: The Relationship Between Englacial Debris and Grain Growth in Polycrystalline Ice
Led by Christine McCarthy

Alexandra Rivera — Ardsley High school

Project: The Effects of Salt Water on Mechanical Properties of Glacial Ice
Led by Christine McCarthy

Rebecca Holt — Ward Melville High School

Project: The Effects of Sulfuric Acid on Mechanical Properties of Polycrystalline Ice
Led by Christine McCarthy

Marco de Angelis — Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Kevin Huang — Tappan Zee High School
Mei Lee — Brooklyn Technical High School