Our Partners



Partnerships are an essential component of the Climate and Life Initiative. We work with colleagues in academia, industry, finance, and governments to transfer valuable, actionable analyses and build a more resilient, sustainable world.

Scientific knowledge is a market force. Our research helps stakeholders understand how climate impacts human and environmental health. Turning this knowledge to action requires engaged partners to use this information to shape rational policy and business decisions.

The economic landscape changes as climate changes and we are entering an era when scientific knowledge will be a strong market force. For our partners, understanding this landscape highlights risks to be mitigated and new opportunities to be explored.

We host Climate-Business Roundtable events each year to bring scientists and business and finance leaders together. Centered in New York City, the global hub of business and finance, Columbia University offers an ideal location for science and business to meet and discuss cutting-edge climate research and business solutions that illuminate our collective future.

Our Partners

Earth Institute
Columbia University’s Earth Institute blends scientific research, education and practical solution and brings together the people and tools needed to address some of the world’s most difficult problems, including climate change and sustainable use of resources. Its largest research unit is Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, one of the world's leading centers for geoscience research, where we're based.

Columbia University School of Professional Studies 
As part of our World Surf League – PURE partnership, Columbia’s School of Professional Studies is establishing an educational model designed to offer classes in ocean sciences for students at all levels, with the majority of the funding from tuition to be reinvested in ocean research.

Columbia Business School 
The top-ranked business school has a significant and measurable impact on the forces shaping business. Around the globe, their faculty, staff, students, and alumni tackle the increasingly complex problems of today.

World Surf League – PURE
The World Surf League, which organizes the annual tour of professional surf competitions and broadcasts competitive surfing events live, has the mandate to be “good stewards of the environment.” World Surf League – PURE was created to support environmental science for sustainable oceans.

Jean Pigozzi established the Liquid Jungle Lab on the island of Canales de Tierra off the Pacific coast of Panama, which enables scientists and students from around the world to use the marine lab facilities and experimental farm to conduct their multidisciplinary research.