Our Voices series invites leading scientists, policy experts, and decision-makers to share their insights on current national and global climate matters.

Space line-up
The Big Experiment

Our chances for persisting in a vast universe may hinge on our willingness to think big, writes Caleb Scharf.

Global climate model
I Don't Have Time for Despair. I’m Too Busy Doing Science.

Kate Marvel says we need science to inform our actions in a fast-changing world.

Farm field
The Real Climate Catastrophe

Gavin Schmidt says we urgently need to find and implement solutions to the challenges posed by global warming.

Scientists examining samples
Advancing Viable, Scalable Carbon Storage Solutions

David Goldberg discusses why solving the global warming problem requires both carbon capture and storage solutions. 

Flooding in Louisiana
As Louisiana Floods, Assessing the Influence of Climate Change

Adam Sobel writes about whether human-induced climate change made the 2016 Louisiana flooding more likely.

People in a U.S. National Park
Henhouse for Rent — Only Foxes Need Apply

Michael Mann writes that President Trump has nominated cabinet members who would undermine the things they're tasked to protect.

Oroville Dam failure
Is the Oroville Dam Failure a Climate Change Story?

Adam Sobel discusses whether climate change made the catastrophic dam failure more probable.

Iceland power plant
Putting CO2 Away for Good by Turning it Into Stone

Martin Stute describes how a group of scientists figured out how carbon dioxide could be put away safely—in the ground.

Combine Harvester
Trump's Unifying Opportunity: Food Security

Michael J. Puma and Peter B. de Menocal discuss food as an issue of national security for the United States.