Explore Our 2018–2020 Biennial Report

Rebecca Fowler
September 29, 2020

Your support enabled us to develop and expand a new model that accelerates high-risk, high-impact climate research.

We're pleased to share our 2018–2020 Biennial Report and hope you enjoy this snapshot of our recent progress.

Over just a few short years, we've developed and expanded a new, donor-supported model to accelerate high-risk, high-impact research that informs solutions to the climate crisis.

Since our founding in 2016, we’ve invested $4 million in research. This led to an additional $32.5 million in new external funding—an impressive 7:1 return on investment.

The publication of this report comes with a change in leadership at Climate and Life. This week, Peter de Menocal, our founding director, will join Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as their new president and director.

Our colleague and former Climate and Life advisory board member Maureen Raymo is the interim director of Lamont, and she will elevate this program within the directorate as the Climate and Life Initiative.
All of us at Climate and Life have been moved by your exceptional generosity and steadfast support over the years, and we thank you for joining us on this journey.
Together, we’ve built something unique and exceptionally important, especially in these times.