Request for Proposals: Climate and Life Fellows

Rebecca Fowler
October 07, 2020

This call is for two new Climate and Life Fellows who will conduct innovative research that advances solutions to the climate crisis.

We’re pleased to issue a request for proposals (RFP) to support two new Climate and Life Fellows to conduct innovative, impactful research that informs solutions to the climate crisis.

Our Fellows Program frees scientists to think deeply and creatively about how they can contribute knowledge for the public good. Our goal is to focus our considerable talent and resources to accelerate the knowledge we need to understand how changes in climate and life systems impact the essentials of human sustainability: the security of food, water, shelter, and health, and to explore sustainable energy solutions.

A signature element of Climate and Life projects is that they pursue high-risk, high-return, and innovative research that would otherwise not be funded by federal agencies.

Funding will begin on January 1, 2021.


We invite proposals from all ranks of Lamont Research Professors. One Fellow will be selected from all grades, while the second Fellow will be selected from all grades up to but excluding the rank of (Full) Lamont Research Professor. Postdocs are not eligible.

In brief, selected Fellows will be supported at 33 percent annual effort per year for three years, and research funds are provided (up to 20 percent of the requested salary support). Read the full RFP here.

Submission Process

The submission process will begin with a Letter of Intent (LOI) prior to the formal proposal submission. The LDEO Climate and Life Advisory Board will review LOI submissions and invite select candidates to submit a full proposal. Final proposals will be required within four weeks of receiving notice of invitation.

LOIs should be submitted as a single, concatenated PDF by Friday, October 23, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. ET.

The text should describe your proposed project in no more than one page (single-spaced, 1.5” margins, no smaller than 11-point font), including all references and figures.

Please address the following Review Criteria themes:

  1. Objectives and background: What is the central idea or question addressed by the proposed research?
  2. Proposed Research: How will this three-year project answer the proposed question?
  3. Anticipated Results: How will this work produce useful or actionable information for society?
  4. Justification for Support: Briefly explain why this project merits support from Climate and Life. Please address why the project would not be eligible for funding through available federal programs. You may separately attach reviews or program manager comments from declined, previously submitted proposals to support your statement.